Pending DbUnit Changes

This page is a collection of changes available from the CVS repository since the release of DbUnit 2.0. Also look at related PendingDbUnitFaq.

==== DbUnit CVS repository ====
May 3, 2004

  • Added back FlatXmlDataSet constructors taking URL as argument missing in version 2.0.

Apr 28, 2004

  • Now TypeCastException error message displays the original value and the target data type.

Apr 22, 2004

  • 939401 - DatabaseSequenceFilter now supports the "qualified table names" feature

Apr 21, 2004

  • 937732 - XlsDataSet now use UTF-16 encoding to support Asian characters. Patch submitted by Shuhei Kondo.

Apr 17, 2004

  • Ability to plug custom identity column detection strategy for InsertIdentityOperation when using user defined types.
  • Renamed ITableFilter.isValidName() method to accept() to be consistent with the new IColumnFilter interface.
  • Added DefaultTableFilter class, which combines capability of the Include/ExcludeTableFilter classes.

==== 2004-10-04 development snapshot ====

  • 741394 - New database compare Ant tag.
  • New Comma Separated Values (CSV) dataset implementation by Federico Spinazzi.
  • New ability to add DOCTYPE declaration when writing a flat Xml dataset (Ant and POJO).
  • Oracle LONG RAW data type support via OracleDataTypeFactory. Original patch submitted by Markus Müller.


  • DatabaseSequenceFilter now throws a CyclicTablesDependencyException when encountering cyclic dependencies.
  • Do not ignore NULL values anymore in INSERT statements. Now ignore <none/> values from XmlDataSet. FlatXmlDataSet must use the ReplacementDataSet to achieve the same behavior.


  • 921869 - Fixed ParameterIndexOutOfBoundsException with InterBase.
  • 925585 - Fixed FlatXmlDataSet constructors taking InputStream/Reader for loading DTD.
  • DELETE_ALL operation now deletes tables only *once* in reverse order they are encountered. Before, duplicate tables were resulting in multiple deletes. Patch submitted by John Hurst.
  • DELETE_ALL operation now compatible with StreamingDataSet.
  • Now closing ResultSet before Statement to fix the SQLException thrown by the Firebird JDBC driver.

==== 2004-25-02 development snapshot ====

  • Added ability to import external file for binary data types like BLOB; the value can be either a qualified URL or a file path name.
  • Moved createMetaData() static method from AbstractResultSet to DatabaseTableMetaData and made it public. Can now be used to create ITable from a ResultSet.

==== 2004-03-02 development snapshot ====

  • Added support for large Oracle BLOB. Must use OracleDataTypeFactory.
  • 884422 - Ability to generate DTDs with choice model instead of sequence model.
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