I'm not personally using IbmDB2 but another DbUnit project member, FedericoSpinazzi, wrote the Db2DataTypeFactory. —ManuelLaflamme

I've had the need to test an XML enabled DB2 UDB v.8 database. XML types in DB2 are essentially CLOB. —FedericoSpinazzi

I'm using this with DB2 v.7 and while running to extract out a DTD or a schema the sqlTypeName returned is not DB2XML.XMLVARCHAR, instead it is just XMLVARCHAR. Any thoughts? I made my own Db2DataTypeFactory class with the string as XMLVARCHAR and it worked nicely. —AaronKorver

What happens when the getSchema() call in DBUnit is not supported by the database? I'm using DB2 version 7, but the system stored procedures are not installed. DBUnit should not assume that getSchema() at the databae level will always be supported.

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